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you’re done. thanks for persevering with that. katie is our nutritionist. she is a researcher at kings college london and has lots of letters after her name. she really knows her stuff. she reckons you should have a box with the following smoothies.

two greens & kiwi.

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two sour cherry & acai.

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two turmeric & banana.

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one strawberry & flaxseed.

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one blackberry & chia.

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one beetroot & ginger.

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one strawb & nana protein.

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If you’re down with this selection then tell us how often you want them. Don’t worry though. if you’re not you can head to the bottom and build your own box.


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  • free delivery as long as you remain one of our favourites 😉
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one time purchase.

want to try us out first before you subscribe? get your tailored box as a one time trial for £35. that’s £3.50 per smoothie. we’ll give you a free shaker. great to try it out before you subscribe. even better as a gift.

not into this selection? build your own box here.